Wassail 2015

Saturday 17th January 2015

Here's To Thee...                                                                                 Photo 14-12-2014 10 36 57

The first annual Colemans Cider Company Wassail event took place to bless the new trees in ‘Lauren’s Orchard’. Karen and Chris welcomed Lauren into this world in the January of 2014 and the newly planted orchard is named after their gorgeous daughter.

Lauren has been present at every stage of the cider making: from the ‘Scrumping’ in the hedgerows and collecting the apples in the existing orchards, to Scratting and Pressing and She may even have had a little-finger-dip into the end product (and still, She doesn’t sleep).

Photo 17-01-2015 17 03 36          Photo 19-01-2015 21 28 25          Photo 17-01-2015 16 14 02          Photo 17-01-2015 15 31 34          Photo 08-03-2015 22 01 55          

If you have been to a Wassail event this year, we would love to hear what you thought of it so we can build some ideas into our Wassail event for next year.

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