Our Story

Founded October 2014, Colemans Cider Company is a collaboration between two East Riding villages in a quiet corner of Yorkshire.

Photo 14-12-2014 10 36 57

Chris, Karen, Steve, Steve, Jodie, Marc, Sandra and Tess had been enjoying cider making together for a number years before finally deciding to establish the company following positive feedback from family, friends and work colleagues.


Since making the decision, we seemed to have spent most of our collective spare time, planting cider apple trees (at Lauren’s Orchard in the tiny settlement of Ruston Parva), buying new equipment and fitting out our cider making facilities, (in the outbuildings of a Georgian farmhouse in the picturesque nearby village of Kilham), organising cider festivals, going on cider making courses and sorting Facebook pages, websites and Twitter feeds.

IMG_1777 IMG_0643

However after frenetic nine months we are now a registered food producer and everything is almost ready for the 2015 cider making season. All we need now are lots of apples and plenty of willings hands to help collect, wash, mill, press, rack, blend and bottle this years harvest.


Wish us luck since I think we are going to need it!


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