Cider With Rachel

With four TV series under her belt, Rachel Green’s most recent appearance was on BBC3 as the chef in Kill It! Cook It! Eat It !


Now she has agreed to work with us at Colemans Cider to keep you up-to-date with her cider blog.

Cider: meaning: an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples

Mention the word cider and it can conjure up all kinds of thoughts, for me, it’s a long cold drink sitting in the garden on a warm summers evening. A beautiful orchard with trees weighted down with apples all ripe and ready to be picked, or the sound of the cider press hard at work squeezing the juice from the crushed apples.

Cider flavours gain a whole new boozy, toasty, sweet-sharp dimension in dishes. Using cider in cooking is a bit like using apples with a little vinegar and a pinch of sugar, all at the same time.

Cider is one of my favourite bases for very quick gravy. Cider is fabulous in stews; it goes well with game, especially rabbit, also chicken, lamb, and of course pork. I often add it when I am cooking ham in the cooking liquor.

Cider in cooking is not just reserved for meat but is great in apply puddings, such as apple pancakes and apple cake. It’s great with fish as well. Its lovely mellow flavours in cooking are as good as any wine.

It also partners up other ingredients very well, for example mustard, honey, cinnamon, bay, thyme, sage and cream cheese. Not forgetting all of those lovely roots vegetables and soft fruits, such as red currants.

I love using cider in bread, especially soda bread, it’s great when you add some if you are making French onion soup, replace some of the stock with cider, use it in welsh rarebit and it’s divine as a cider version of Moules Marinara.

Cider makes divine cocktails.

As a Chef, I often reach for cider, not only as a refreshing tipple, but also for cooking so ditch the wine and enjoy the cider.  This month I have included a recipe for you to try, Creamy Cider and Mustard Pork.

Happy cooking and cheers!


Rachel x

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